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plastic surgery

Hand your beauty to the team of professionals. The latest trends in plastic and reconstructive surgery, a team of professionals and modern equipment.

hair transplantation

At unique clinique – beauty & academy , we use the latest microtransplantation technique for hair transplantation and achieve the best possible results. See for yourself.


Autologous plasma therapy or PRP is a therapy where blood plasma is used to restore, rejuvenate and prevent aging.

unique clinique academy

laser - surgical procedures

Take advantage of our services in the field of aesthetic and laser medicine, thanks to which you will receive incomparable care for your health and beauty.

unique clinique academy

aesthetic dermatology

We deal with wrinkles, excess fat , skin imperfections, cell renewal, skin rejuvenation, filling technologies…


Meet our team of specialists. We offer you the best care and maximum satisfaction. We offer you superior care and maximum satisfaction.

picosecond laser

A new era of lasers. Effectively removes all types of tattoos, age spots and performs fractional skin rejuvenation procedures.

unique clinique academy


The most effective and modern method of removing unwanted hair permanently. A lasting effect is achieved in a short time with the comfort of smooth skin after the first procedure.

body shaping

Choose from our wide range for body contouring, cellulite reduction or body skin care.


Top professional cosmetics from Japan, aimed at protecting the skin from signs of aging and its restructuring, was awarded with the Nobel Prize.

unique clinique academy phibrows


Give yourself beautiful and natural eyebrows or you dream of “juicy” seductive lips?



At unique clinique – beauty & academy, we care about the beauty of our clients, looking for answers to make your beauty dreams come true. Check out our wide range of beauty services.


Omnilux is a unique innovation in the field of skin rejuvenation. Get rid of wrinkles, skin problems and boost your self-confidence.

unique clinique academy

other services

In the offer of additional services, we have included everything you need for your comfort and convenience.

preventive medicine

Try infusion therapy, which boosts immunity, reduces fatigue and increases resistance to infection and stress.

infrared light therapy

Discover the multitude of health benefits that red and near-red light therapy has to offer.

solarium - collagenarium

The combination of a professional solarium – collagenarium offers a unique tanning experience.


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