botulinum toxin

elimination of mimic wrinkles elimination of excessive sweating

  • the most popular wrinkle removal method in the world
  • the ability to preserve the natural appearance
  • fast efficiency
  • easy and safe

Botulinum toxin eliminates dynamic wrinkles = wrinkles in motion. It relieves tension, softens facial expressions, stiffness is allowed. In skillful hands, it heals and beautifies at the same time. Provides a slowdown in skin aging and at the same time prevents the formation of static wrinkles.

  • • for everyone who wants to get rid of the so-called. dynamic facial wrinkles
  • • for those who want to smooth wrinkles with this method = face lift
  • • for everyone who cares about appearance
  • • for pregnant and lactating mothers
  • • for people with neurological diseases / myasthenia gravis /

The success and popularity of therapy depends on a simple method of application with an injection technique, pain during the procedure is minimal. There is no need for any tests before applying the product, nor for anesthesia of the treated area. Doses of this medicine are a thousand times lower than the dose that causes a toxic reaction, and even up to twenty times lower than the safe doses used in the treatment of neurological diseases. Botulinum toxin blocks the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscle.

Botulinum toxin is often effectively combined with the use of hyaluronic acid for many indications.

After application within 1-2 days, signs of neuromuscular blockade are noted, relaxation of muscles in the treated area. The effect (wrinkle smoothing) begins approximately 2-5 days after the procedure, but no later than in 14 days. The effect obtained lasts approximately 3-4 months after the first application, with repetitions after an average of 6 months. Relaxation of the muscles with subsequent smoothing of wrinkles depends on the therapeutic dose, the method of application and the skill of the attending physician. Your beauty and safety is in our hands, and the resulting natural facial expression is the added value of our know-how.

Between the eyebrows

130 €


130 €

Around the eye area

130 €

2 areas – Interbrow and Forehead, or Around the eyes and Forehead, or Between the eyebrows and Around the eyes

230 €

3 areas – Brow and Forehead and Around the eyes

330 €

Wrinkles – Upper lip or Lower lip

60 €

Wrinkles nose – Bunny lines 50 €
Wrinkles on the chin 60 €
Meso Botox – acne, rejuvenation of the Face, décolleté and neck 220 €

Application of anesthetic cream Lips/Face

Injection local anesthesia



Podpazušie, Dlane, Chodidlá. up to 250 units

up to 300 units

up to 350 units

up to 400 units

up to 500 units

Surcharge over 500 units, for each additional unit







preparation for the procedure

0 min

duration of treatment

15 min


after 2 weeks

repeating procedure

4-6 months


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