contouring of the face

V-SHAPE, squeak elimination

  • creating a sled shape
  • non-invasive facial contouring procedure
  • relaxation of hypertrophied masticatory muscles
  • elimination of “squeaking” of teeth
  • the ability to preserve natural facial expressions
  • easy and safe
  • fast efficiency

The outlines of the sled are perfectly created. Sharp contours soften with gravity, and properly applied botulinum toxin can repair damage sustained over time. Correction of the lower part of the face should be trusted only to the hands of an experienced specialist. If you have strong chewing muscles and a manly expression. If your nose tip is too down, your chin is missing… Advanced botulinum toxin face correction techniques will lift the corners of your mouth, correct facial irregularities and give you self-confidence.

  • • for everyone who suffers from sagging facial contours
  • • for those who want to restore youth and tone to their facial expression
  • • for clients who appreciate the rapid effect of treatment with its maximum result
  • • for everyone who suffers from sagging or disproportionate facial contours
  • • for those who believe that correcting small details creates a perfect whole
  • • for those who want to get rid of the ” squeaking ” of teeth

Botulinum toxin blocks the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscle. With precisely placed injections, we relieve excessive tension, especially of the superficial neck muscle – the platysma. Pain during the procedure is minimal. There is no need to do tests before the application of the product, no need to anesthetize the treated area.

An individual approach to each client lies in the correct analysis of the functional indicators of the facial muscles. Determination of the optimal condition through the balanced use of botulinum toxin leads to an improvement in proportionality and strengthening of facial contours (facial contouring) in the most problematic areas. Botulinum toxin in the hands of a professional is able to restore sagging contours and correct the shape of the sled. The effect begins approximately 2-5 days after the procedure, at the latest after 14 days. The effect obtained lasts approximately 3-4 months after the first application, with a repetition after approximately 6 months.

Facial slimming – chewing muscle, V – SHAPE, resurfacing 250 €

preparation for the procedure

0 min

duration of treatment

15 min


after 2 weeks

repeating procedure

4-6 months


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