draculotherapy - plasma therapy

  • • deep recovery of dry skin
  • • stimulation of fibroblasts and collagen production
  • • activation of mesenchymal stem cells
  • • absolute restart from own resources
  • • 100% biocompatible

Autohemotherapy has been used in the past to increase the body’s resistance and stimulate natural defense mechanisms. A novelty is the use of part of the blood (plasma therapy). Blood plasma enriched with platelets and leukocytes began to be used in the late 1990s in dentistry, in implantology, and later in orthopedics. Today, draculatherapy (PRP therapy) is a proven procedure in corrective dermatology for stimulating one’s own repair mechanisms.

  • • Face, Neck, Décolleté
  • • Hands
  • • Hair
  • • for those who need to revitalize tired looking skin, its lack of elasticity or discoloration
  • • for everyone who has visible signs of skin aging /wrinkles, folds, flabbiness of the skin, changes in skin texture/
  • • for those who have undergone an aesthetic medical procedure /for example, fractional resurfacing of acne scars/ and who want to speed up the healing and regeneration process
  • • for women suffering from male pattern alopecia
  • • for everyone who is looking for natural products /100% biocompatibility/
  • • for people at high risk of allergic reactions
  • • for patients with bleeding disorders
  • • for everyone who has acute and chronic infections
  • • for clients suffering from chronic liver disease

To obtain plasma, it is necessary to take venous blood from the forearm /classic blood collection/, which is then processed by centrifugation in special tubes, and the active substance is immediately applied to the desired treatment area. During the application, 2 methods of application are used – the mesotherapeutic method and the form of volumetric fillers. The doctor decides on the method of application based on the visible signs of skin aging. You need 3-4 repetitions of the procedure with a certain time interval.

Using draculotherapy, total revitalization of the skin, softening of the skin, unification of color, elasticity and texture of the skin is achieved. Another positive point is the remodeling of collagen itself, smoothing wrinkles and folds (volumetric therapy by biostimulation of dermal cells). Last but not least, the procedure activates the healing process after aesthetic invasive procedures.

Face| 1 ampoule 190 €
Face + Neck + Décolleté | 2 ampoule 320 €
Backs of hands | 1 ampoule 190 €
Hair | 1 ampoule | 1 treatment 200 €
Hair | 2 ampoules | 2x treatments 360 €
Hair | 3 ampoules | 3x treatments 500 €

preparation for the procedure

0 min

duration of treatment

60 min


after 1 month

repeating procedure

3 x


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