mesotherapy - mesolift

  • the French Genesis method is successfully used all over the world
  • juicy vitamin cocktail with French charm taste
  • the most modern polycomponent mixtures (54 + 1 substances)
  • thoughtful prevention option for anti-aging concept
  • “mesolifting” – revolutionary skin rejuvenation

The main goal is to stimulate mitochondria, that are cell organelles responsible for the proper functioning of the cell. Mitochondria are energy “factories” and their activity controls the cell. In this case, mesotherapy / mesolifting can be called one of the few that are responsible for the prevention of premature skin aging. The hyaluronic acid contained in cocktails is responsible for optimal skin hydration, its deficiency causes skin flabbiness, loss of tone and elasticity, which is also manifested by premature formation of wrinkles.

  • • for everyone who wants to revitalize their skin
  • • for those who prefer minimally invasive skin treatments
  • • for all those who want to nourish the skin from the inside

In our skin clinic, we prepare cocktails with the most advanced mesotherapy pistol. No hand is capable of delivering 5 injections per second at a standard depth and, most importantly, painlessly. The speed of action of the mesotherapy pistol is high, in many cases you will not even feel the injection.

The success of this procedure depends on 2 aspects. The active substances contained in the cocktails restart and restore the correct function of the cells. Mechanical stimulation, microinjections, are responsible for activating the healing processes, which ultimately leads to the production of collagen, improvement of skin texture and its tension. The client leaves the clinic in such a way that no one outside knows what procedure he underwent.

Face 160 €
Neck or Décolleté 160 €
Face + Neck

250 €

Neck + Décolleté 250 €
Face + Neck + Décolleté 350 €
Hair 1 treatment 160 €
Hair 6 treatments 700 €
Eyes 60 €

preparation for the procedure

0 min

duration of treatment

30-60 min


after 1 month

repeating procedure

4 x


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