microneedle radiofrequency-ELLISYS-PLUS

Microneedle radiofrequency is a method in which thin gold-plated microneedles penetrate to different depths during the procedure, and the pulse of radiofrequency therapy subsequently stimulates and disinfects the tissue. Rejuvenation and firming of the skin, neck and décolleté occurs, without any signs of damage and scars.

  • mini-invasive “skin tightening” of the skin
  • perfect stimulation of collagen with its remodeling
  • maximum safety and effect

The procedure is successfully used to strengthen the skin, correct acne scars, reduce wrinkles, narrow pores and treat alopecia – hair loss.

  • • for everyone who wants non-surgical recovery and deep skin rejuvenation
  • • for those whose life is complicated by acne scars, burns or injuries
  • • for clients who want to soften wrinkles and fine lines on the face
  • • for those who are concerned about the decline in hair growth
  • for all who suffer from chronic skin diseases /psoriasis, vitiligo/
  • for those suffering from healing disorders
  • for all who are being treated
  • for serious internal diseases keloid patients
  • patients who have malignant tumors, high fever, or have had a stroke
  • patients who have heart disease use a pacemaker, defibrillator, spinal or bladder stimulator
  • patients during menstruation, pregnancy or after childbirth
  • patients with allergic or atopic dermatitis

After disinfecting the skin, a mesotherapeutic serum is first applied to the skin (hyaluronic acid, depigmentation serum, etc.).

Subsequently, the facial treatment itself is performed, which lasts approximately 45-60 minutes. A single cycle of penetration of microneedles takes only a fraction of a second. Thousands of microscopic pores form in the skin. In this way, the substances get into the skin much faster, deeper and in a much greater concentration than during the cosmetic application of a cream or serum. The procedure takes 15 to 30 minutes.

After the treatment, a skin reaction such as slight redness, slight swelling, and a slight burning sensation may occur. These effects disappear within an hour, with sensitive skin within a few hours). After the procedure, it is necessary to hydrate the skin and apply high-quality photoprotection (sun protection).


In the combined treatment, the effect is multiplied, supported by several levels of treatment, increased activity of growth factors, acceleration of stimulation processes, resulting in rejuvenated and healthier skin with a stable level of hydration.

Aquashine – for severe dehydration of the skin
Radiesse – to achieve a more pronounced lifting effect
Fractional resurfacing – the ideal combination for acne scars
Botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid – gives the skin a youthful and natural look

The effect of improving the appearance of the skin, firming and tightening the skin is visible immediately, the gold microneedles work quickly and in a targeted manner.

Rejuvenation – rejuvenation of the skin

Reduction of acne, acne scars, removal of wrinkles

Tightening of pores, removal of comedomas (blackheads)

Reduction of pigmentation, stretch marks

Solution for droopy eyelids

The improvement of the skin occurs in the course of 3-4 weeks, when the intensive formation of collagen and elastin occurs. The new formation of collagen fibers leads to the strengthening (densification) of the suede, and thus to the filling of atrophic scars that can occur after acne, smallpox or injuries.

Face | 1 treatment250 €
Neck | 1 treatment200 €
Décolleté | 1 treatment200 €
Face + neck | 1 treatment400 €
Face + décolleté | 1 treatment400 €
Face + neck + décolleté | 1 treatment600 €
Lower eyelids | 1 treatment150 €
Upper and lower eyelids | 1 treatment175 €
Cheeks both | 1 treatment175 €
Forehead | 1 treatment150 €
Full face with lower chin | 1 treatment300 €
Lower chin | 1 treatment150 €
Lower facelift (Cheeks + lower chin + chin + upper lip) | 1 treatment200 €

preparation for the procedure

0 min

duration of treatment

30 min


after 3 months

repeating procedure

3 x



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