An alternative to hyaluronic acid are calcium hydroxyapatite fillers called RADIESSE. These filling materials belong to the group of so-called stimulating fillers whose effect is neocollagenesis. They are suitable for the treatment of deep wrinkles and rejuvenation of the skin of the hands, neck and décolleté. RADIESSE is the first CaHA-based anti-wrinkle filler certified by the FDA and CE. With one application, we achieve a double effect – an instant replenishment of the missing volume and, at the same time, a gradual stimulation of the production of our own collagen. The effect lasts up to 2 years.

• Fills in wrinkles and missing volume

• Tightens and firms contours
• Naturally rejuvenates
• Suitable for hands, décolleté, neck and face
• Strengthens the internal structures of the skin – collagen and elastin, thereby restoring the natural flexibility and elasticity of the skin
• Provides a long-lasting natural rejuvenating effect

  • • for everyone who needs an immediate and long-term result
  • • for those who want to achieve a long-term rejuvenation effect without side effects
  • • for all those who prefer non-invasive and natural solutions

The procedure is not suitable for pregnant and lactating women, people with polyvalent allergies, autoimmune diseases, allergies to active substances, people with a history of anaphylactic shock. People with bleeding disorders are also not suitable.

Radiesse is injected subcutaneously with a thin cannula. The application is similar to fillers based on hyaluronic acid. The application itself is painless, as the filler contains a small amount of local anesthetic – lidocaine. After application, slight redness is possible, which disappears within 24 hours. Normal daily activities can be carried out immediately after application.

It is a safe procedure without the risk of granuloma formation and other reactions. The result is visible immediately. The duration of the effect depends on age, skin type, metabolism and lifestyle. The optimal effect lasts an average of 1,5-2 years.
Over 190 clinical studies have demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of the filler. Up
to 90% of patients are satisfied even 12 months after the application of the substance.

Neck or Décolleté or Hands | RADIESSE 1 x 1,5 ml amp. lido 430

preparation for the procedure

0 min

duration of treatment

15 min


after 2 weeks

repeating procedure

4-6 months


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