eyebrow lamination

Eyebrow lamination is a cosmetic procedure that allows you to get clearly defined, naturally shaped, perfectly combed and symmetrical eyebrows. This is a temporary brow treatment that creates the illusion of fuller and more defined brows without the need to apply pigment to the brow area.

This procedure quickly gained popularity all over the world, as it is a completely painless procedure that is carried out in several successive stages.

The unique clinique – beauty & academy provides cosmetic services:

First, the eyebrows are cleaned of makeup residues and degreased.

The basis of the whole procedure are two products: the first softens the hairs of the eyebrows, makes them more flexible and makes it easier to comb with a brush to the desired shape. The drug is applied to the eyebrows and left for some time under the film. During this time, the eyebrows are combed again from time to time. The second tool is designed to fix combed hairs and also remains under the film.

In the next step, the eyebrows are tinted and, finally, keratin nutrition is applied to the eyebrows, which supports the growth and strength of the eyebrow hairs.

The whole procedure takes 45 minutes.

  • eyebrows are shaped for a long time
  • natural look
  • symmetrical, perfectly groomed eyebrows
  • correction even if the hair grow in the wrong direction
  • strengthening and support of hair growth
  • painless method

The lamination method is a very simple way to shape the eyebrows. The big advantage is that the hairs treated in this way do not need special care, and the corrected, brightened look of the eyebrows lasts 3-5 weeks.

Immediately after the lamination of the eyebrows, you can not touch them and wet them for 24 hours. Do not use cosmetics, do not visit the sauna, steam room or solarium. Do not use oil preparations, peels or conditioner within 48 hours of application.

However, after this time, there are no more restrictions, and to maintain the eyebrows, it is enough to comb the hairs from time to time with a soft brush.

Eyebrow lamination can be repeated, always at intervals of approximately 4 – 6 weeks.

Eyebrow lamination 60 min 40 €
Eyebrow lamination with THREADING 45 €
Eyebrow lamination with THREADING + tinting 50 €
LASH LIFT 60 min 40 €
Eyebrow tinting 15 min 10 €
Eyebrow tinting with THREADING 15 €
Farbenie mihalníc 15 min 10 €
Eybrow + lash tinting 30 min 18 €
Eyebrow shaping and tinting 30 min 12 €
Eyebrow shaping 15 min 7 €
Eyebrow + lash tinting + Eyebrow tinting 30 min 22 €

Eybrow shaping/

The most desired technique in shaping eyebrows (threading). Guarantees clear and neat eyebrows, the procedure is carried out quickly and is suitable for sensitive skin. The thread shapes the eyebrows with neat lines and gently removes even the finest hairs from the root. It is also suitable for removing hair from the entire face.

Eyebrow 10 €
Upper lip 6 €
Chin 4 €
Cheeks 15 €
Full face 30 €

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