Laser photorejuvenation

Laser photorejuvenation is a non-invasive, painless method, also very suitable as a prevention of premature skin aging. Keep high-quality, young, juicy skin for as long as possible, without beauty flaws that interfere with you.

  • photoaging (skin aging due to UV radiation from the sun)
  • resumption of collagen and elastin formation
  • small mimic wrinkles
  • uneven skin color (pigmentation, spots after acne)
  • skin porosity
  • acne skin
  • strong fat formation on the skin
  • reduction of dark hair in the treated area

Ideally, the client undergoes 3-5 treatments spaced approximately 3-4 weeks apart. The treatment is fast and painless. During the procedure, the client’s eyes are protected by special glasses. Before the procedure, an initial consultation is held, during which the specialist determines the type of skin, the presence of indications and contraindications, explains the principle of the procedure. After that, he carefully removes and cleanses the skin and treats the skin with a laser step by step.

The interval between procedures should be 3-4 weeks. You will see an improvement in skin condition one to two weeks after the first session, with maximum results within six months after the end of treatment. To consolidate the results, it is recommended to conduct a treatment course once a year.

Discomfort after the procedure is minimal. Immediately after the procedure, the skin may be red-pink, warm to the touch. Normal skin color returns within two to three hours after the procedure. In rare cases, a slight swelling of the skin may occur for several days after the procedure. Due to the fact that the laser action increases the sensitivity of the skin to UV radiation, it is necessary to use protective creams (SPF factor should be minimum 30) during the entire laser rejuvenation procedure, to accelerate skin regeneration during laser treatment, we recommend to significantly moisturize the skin and to use creams intended for the skin after dermoaesthetic procedures.

Laser rejuvenation can be combined with other methods, depending on certain time intervals, such as:

  • plastic surgery in the area (6 months)
  • use of retinoids (6 months)
  • botox, hyaluronic acid/other injections (minimum 4 weeks)
  • deep dermabrasion or laser resurfacing (3 months)
  • chemické peelingy (povrchové – 2 týždne, stredne hlboké – 4 týždne, hlboké – 3 mesiace)
  • not enough time period from other procedures
  • tendency to form hypertrophic and keloid scars
  • with active herpes or frequent occurrence of a herpes infection in the epilated area
  • 6 months after using natural or synthetic derivatives of vitamin A – retinoids (ISOTRETINOIN, ROACCUTANE – used to treat acne)
  • with topical application of retinoids (RETIN A) or bleaching preparations – hydroquinone (just stop 2 weeks before the procedure)
  • niekoľko mesiacov pred zákrokom sa taktiež neodporúča brať prípravky s vysokým obsahom beta karoténu
  • with certain diagnoses: epilepsy, oncological diseases
  • when taking certain types of antibiotics (especially tetracycline antibiotics)
  • we do not recommend photorejuvenation during pregnancy
  • it is not recommended to sunbathe and visit saunas at least 4 weeks before the procedure
  • photorejuvenation can only be performed on non-tanned skin
Face 85 €
Face + Neck 105 €
The backs of both hands 40 €
Cleavage 100 €
Face + Neck + Cleavage (discounted offer, 1 treatment) 170 €
Face + Neck + Cleavage (discounted offer, 3 treatments) 480 €

preparation for the procedure

0 min

duration of treatment

45 min


1-2 sessions

repeating procedure

3-4 sessions


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