omnilux LED therapy

light therapy = non-invasive form of treatment

  • safe and effective method
  • restart of collagen activity
  • for all skin types
  • without pain and undesirable effects

LED therapy is a novelty in photorejuvenation that improves the appearance of the skin, supports blood circulation in the skin, the appearance of uneven skin pigmentation, activates fibroblasts and stimulates the formation of new collagen, reduces melanin production, noticeable skin redness, skin pore size and reduces skin thickening.

  • • blue light is used to treat acne, has an antibacterial and cleansing effect. Improves the appearance of oily skin, reduces the amount of sebum. Suitable for the treatment of acne, actinic keratoses. It can be used even for sensitive skin.
  • • green light reduces pigmentation by penetrating of the basal layer. Treatment and reduction of scars
  • • yellow light treats redness and has a detoxifying and smoothing effect. Improves lymph and blood circulation.
  • • Red light increases collagen production in the skin, restarts regenerative mechanisms and stimulates fibroblasts. Red light is absorbed by blood and skin layers with a high water content.
  • • for everyone who want to effectively minimize visible lines and wrinkles under the eyes
  • • for those who want to improve skin tone, tension
  • • for clients suffering from excessive pigmentation (the therapy reduces the production of melanin)
  • • for anyone who suffers from acne (blue light acne)
  • • for those who want to give their skin not only a healthy look, but also nutrition from the inside

LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive photorejuvenation treatment that activates skin cells with low power pulsed light energy without thermal damage. LED therapy allows light of a certain wavelength to penetrate into skin cells for the purpose of biostimulation.

Laboratory studies have shown that skin cells grow faster when exposed to certain wavelengths of LED light. The result is a significant slowdown in age-related skin degeneration and smoothing of skin structures.

With light therapy for 20 days:

  1. 14% increase in collagen production
  2. 48% increase in elastin production
  3. 38% increase in circulation
LED therapy – OMNILUX, 20 min 20 €
LED therapy – OMNILUX, 30 min 30 €

preparation for the procedure


duration of treatment

about 20 min



repeating procedure

8 treatments every other day for approx. 20 minutes, followed by 1 x 4-week maintenance


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