hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is an effective way to fight thinning and hair loss. If you follow the doctor’s instructions, it can bring incredible end result, beautiful and natural looking hair.

At unique clinique – beauty & academy, we help our clients from the first moment they decide on this procedure, that begins with a comprehensive but very pleasant consultation with our specialists. After the consultation itself and the decision to proceed with the procedure, the client will undergo a series of tests and medical examinations, on the basis of which we will determine whether your health condition is suitable for hair transplantation. The comfort and safety of our patients is a priority for us.

How unique clinique – beauty & academy performs the procedure:

There are many methods to prevent hair loss, but the most effective and satisfactory solution to the problem is hair transplantation. It is considered a modern hair restoration technique that can significantly change the appearance of localized or complete hair loss. The results look natural.

  • hereditary alopecia
  • hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, childbirth, menopause
  • medical conditions such as scalp infection, thyroid problems, ringworm
  • hair loss can also be caused by medications (for example, medications for diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, arthritis, depression and cardio problems)
  • physical or emotional shock can cause noticeable hair loss (death in family, sudden weight loss, high fever)
  • diet deficient in protein, iron and other nutrients

We recommened people who are considering a hair transplantation, perform the procedure as soon as possible, as visible the result will occur only after 6 to 12 months.

Hair transplantation is performed for both women and men after several examinations and has a precise technique. The reason is that the operation is carried out in different ways and depending on the type and shape of the hair. Detailed information can be found on our page – female hair transplantation.

The concern about the durability of a hair transplant is understandable. However, in most cases, your hair transplant will last a lifetime. Follicles taken from the donor area will not only allow your scalp to accept the graft, but in the following months, each follicle will produce new hair that grows naturally and behaves like the rest of your hair.

Before the procedure, our surgeons will determine the cause of hair loss based on a consultation. Information about family history and causes of hair loss allow us to predict how your hair will look in the future and design a natural looking hairline and density.

Hair loss after transplantation is common. However, at unique clinique – beauty & academy, we will constantly check the progress of site regeneration and the effect obtained. Your satisfaction is a priority for us. As the hair follicles and scalp are treated during the transplantation process, strong hair loss may occur in the transplanted areas, or natural hair loss in the original areas may even increase.

If your hair has begun to fall out or if you are prone to hair loss after surgery, our surgeon will recommend medications or supplements that speed up and stimulate hair growth.

If you have additional questions, take the opportunity to consult with our specialists Dr. Sergey Gavrilyuk and Dr. Adam Vasin.

Since hair transplantation is a procedure carried out under local anesthesia, the patient does not feel pain.

Hair transplantation takes one day. Exact transplant time of hair depends on the size of the hair free area and amount of hair that must be implanted. The transplanted hair follicles are firmly attached to the scalp within 10-15 days. After transplantation, within six months, the hair will acquire its final appearance and condition.

After a hair transplant, care must be taken to ensure that the hair follicles are not exposed to the razor. Hair is recommended to be cut with scissors.

Of course. During a personal consultation we will perform a complete examination of your hair, on which we can determinate the exact reason for hair loss, create a treatment plan and price offer.

Graphite (one transplanted hair follicle) 1,50 €
Package 2 200 – 2 700 grafts 3 300 € – 4 050 €
Package 2 700 – 3 000 grafts 4 050 € – 4 500 €
Package 3 000 – 4 000 grafts 4 500 € – 6 000 €
Package 4 000 – 6 000 grafts 6 000 € – 9 000 €
Package 6 000 – and more grafts od 9 000 €
WE RECOMMEND: before hair transplantation preparatory regenerative treatment – mesotherapy using placenta extract (due to better rooting of transplanted hair, acceptance of grafts – we achieve almost 90% seccess rate).
One treatment 250 €
Three treatments 450 €
Five treatments 650 €



duration of treatment

6 - 8 hours

expected results

voluminous hair look

recovery time

8 - 9 months


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