hair transplantation for men

A hair transplant can give you an incredible end result that gives your hair a natural look. This is an effective way to permanently get rid of thinning and hair loss.

causes of hair loss

  • hereditary male pattern baldness – if you have a family history of baldness, you may have this type of hair loss
  • hormonal changes can cause temporary hair loss
  • diseases that can cause hair loss: thyroid disease, alopecia areata (an autoimmune disease that affects the hair follicles), scalp infections such as ringworm
  • hair loss can also be caused by medications used to treat it; cancer, high blood pressure, arthritis, depression, cardio problems
  • physical or emotional shock can cause noticeable hair loss. Examples of this type of shock include: death in family, sudden weight loss, high fever.
  • a diet deficient in protein, iron and other nutrients can also lead to thinning hair.

1. before the procedure

The doctor calculates the number of follicles needed to achieve the best result. Based on tests and detailed questions, we will determine if a hair transplantation procedure is right for you. The donor area from which the grafts will be taken will also be determined. Before the procedure, the doctor will inform you about the next steps.

2. during the procedure

The hair from the donor area is shortened and the grafts are removed. The number of grafts needed for transplantation varies depending on the size of the affected area.

3. after the procedure

The operation is followed by long-term follow-up. 12 months after the procedure the final result will appear. To achieve the desired result, the patient is advised to follow the instructions of the doctor.


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