CO2 fraction resurfacing

  • modern laser scar correction
  • 100% ablation rate accuracy
  • controlled thermal effect
  • the most significant correction speed
  • safety and reproducibility

Keloid scars as aesthetically unacceptable. The surface of such scars is usually hyperemic, thickened, raised above the surrounding relief. Keloid scars are associated with a feeling of tension, itching or even pain. An atrophic or “stretched” scar that occurs most often in places of traction, for example, articular surfaces, back.

Laser treatment effectively corrects scars after acne, after car accidents or after surgical interventions. Removal of scars, unfortunately, is impossible, despite the fact that aesthetic medicine is developing. For this reason, we can only talk about the correction (softening of the appearance) of scars, and not about their complete removal.

  • for those who are uncomfortable with unaesthetic hypertrophic, atrophic or keloid scars
  • for everyone who appreciates the non-surgical approach of fractional resurfacing

Fractional technology causes only partial ablation of the skin surface, which ensures faster healing of surrounding intact skin areas. During the procedure and a few hours after the procedure, you may feel skin burning, redness and swelling. Treatment consists of regular application of a soothing cream. On the third day, peeling of the skin surface usually occurs. Redness and initial healing of the skin occurs within 3-7 days, depending on the intensity of the procedure. Make up can usually be applied on day 5-7. The advantage and uniqueness of this laser is that post-procedure complications such as hyperpigmentation are rare compared to CO2 laser.

  • for clients with active herpes
  • for pregnant
  • for people with bleeding disorders
  • for people with pathological healing
  • inflammatory diseases, treatment with Roaccutane
  • suspicion of a malignant tumor of the skin

The skin after fraction resurfacing becomes more elastic and healthy, with a solid color, texture, at the same time the formation of new collagen is stimulated. In the case of acne scar correction, 2 treatments spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart are recommended for optimal results. The first results are visible immediately after healing. The final effect after treatment occurs after 4 months, the final result is observed six months after treatment. A period of six months corresponds to the period of collagen remodeling.

Face 500 €
Neck 500 €
Neckline 500 €
Face + Neck or Neckline 800 €
Face + Neck + Neckline 1200 €
Eyes area or Mouth area 250 €
Hands 100 €
Strie area 10 cm x 15 cm 200 €
Scars area 4 cm x 7 cm 70 €

preparation for the procedure

30 min

duration of treatment

15-60 min


after healing 2 weeks - 3 months

repeating procedure

as needed


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