laser removal of enlarged blood vessels

Highly selective laser technology for the treatment of vascular anomalies is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis. The laser beam is absorbed by the blood dye – hemoglobin, with the subsequent removal of individual vascular formations. The specificity of this wavelength is that it can also reach deep-laid vessels, which you will especially appreciate when removing the vessels of the nose and on the legs. The removal method is highly efficient and accurate. Always choose only high quality devices and a certified clinic.

  • correction of wrinkles on the face, especially on the nose
  • correction of smaller varicose veins on the legs
  • correction of hemangiomas, or nevus flammeus
  • removal of angiomas /red spots/
  • for everyone who suffers from dilated vessels on the face/nose
  • for those who refuse to hide their legs due to incipient varicose veins
  • all those who suffer from unsightly hemangiomas and nevus flammeus

The procedure should not be performed on persons with active inflammatory disease at the treatment site, active herpes, pregnancy, treatment with anticoagulants, treatment with retinoids/roaccutane, and patients with pathological healing.

We apply a contact gel to the cleaned area, put on glasses and then beam on the vessels with a laser. Selective heating of hemoglobin with overheating of the walls of blood vessels leads to their destruction. Continuous contact cooling protects the surface of the treated area and makes it possible to treat all skin phototypes. The treatment is almost painless, the duration of the procedure depends on the size of the treated area. After treatment, the skin may be slightly reddened, sometimes slightly swollen, but these accompanying symptoms will soon disappear.

We successfully remove dilated vessels – telangiectasias, angiomas – red “marks”, spider-like vessels on the face and legs, hemangiomas and nevus flammeus. For optimal results of this procedure, one treatment is usually sufficient on the face, while on the legs 2-3 treatments are usually required at intervals of 4 to 8 weeks. The end result is achieved gradually.

Manual dermatoscope up to 70 €
Manual dermatoscope over 5 pcs 140 €

preparation for the procedure

0 min

duration of treatment

15 - 30 min



repeating procedure

1-3 x


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