removal of skin formations

  • laser technology = efficient and fast form
  • painlessness
  • minimal healing time
  • “selection” of marks by laser
  • efficient and fast form
  • without unaesthetic scars
  • without sick leave

Marks without a pigment network and hard skin growths can also be removed using a laser that erases individual layers of skin in a controlled way.

  • for everyone to whom a dermatologist recommends laser nevus removal
  • for those who are afraid of ugly scars
  • for all those who no longer want to consider warts a problem
  • for clients with active herpes
  • for pregnant
  • for people with bleeding disorders
  • for people with pathological healing
  • inflammatory diseases, treatment with Roaccutane
  • suspicion of a malignant tumor of the skin

In the era of laser therapy, lasers are used to vaporize the affected skin in layers. The procedure is safe and painless.

We evaporate the individual layers of neoplasms by targeted action of the laser beam layer by layer. Evaporation of the skin is very precise, fast and completely painless. The surface of the skin remains open, as after a skin cut, but with a very rapid healing process.

Removal of skin formations 1 pcs 90 €
Removal of skin formations 2 pcs 120 €
Removal of skin formations 3 pcs 150 €
Every following 5 minutes 25 €
Histological examination – tissue analysis 1 section 30 €
Histological examination – tissue analysis of 2 formations 60 €

preparation for the procedure

30 min

duration of treatment

15 - 30 min



repeating procedure

as needed


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