eyebrow permanent make up

Wake up every morning with perfect eyebrows. Does it sound beautiful? This dream will come true thanks to PHIBROWS microblading.

PHIBROWS microblading is performed using a microblade to create fine notches in the shape of eyebrow hairs, which are then filled in with colour pigments. The use of microparticles allows for an extremely natural result. The drawn hairs are so fine that they can hardly be distinguished from real hairs. The result is completely natural and beautiful!

permanent lip make up

Do you long for beautiful, visually larger and fuller lips?

Full-lip micropigmentation is the answer. It will fill in a pronounced or missing lip pigment, or correct a slight asymmetry. The lips are thus visually larger and fuller. The colour and technique of pigment injection depends on the desired result – whether the client wants a more pronounced effect or just a subtle highlighting and unification of colour.

Unique clinique – beauty&academy makes PHIBROWS:

Before the procedure, the shape of your eyebrows will be precisely focused and drawn, and together with you we will choose the appropriate colour according to the desired result.

Then, using the microblading method, the pigment is applied under the surface of the skin using a blade. With the help of the blade, we create hairs that copy our own. The result is a natural-looking brow, thicker and beautifully shaped.

Allow approximately 1.5 – 2 hours for the treatment itself.

The eyebrows are thicker and darker immediately after tattooing, in the following days the intensity and color of the eyebrows will change. Redness and swelling will subside a few days after the procedure. After a few days, fine hairs form on the eyebrows, which do not need to be plucked. After the hairs have fallen off, the pigment can be very fine, but it is necessary to wait for complete healing, which takes 4-5 weeks. That’s when the final colour usually shows up. If even after healing the eyebrows are not intense enough or the pigment is missing somewhere, they will be adjusted as part of the correction. After 28 days at the latest, your eyebrows will be completely healed.

For long-lasting beautiful results, refrain from constant contact with water, tanning beds, saunas, sunbathing, chlorinated water, sports, or heavy sweating and makeup for the first eight to ten days after microblading.

To achieve perfect eyebrows, correction is necessary. After the first treatment, some of the colour pigments fade. Correction can usually be done after four to six weeks.

Microblading eyebrows should last between 9 months and 2 years. The exact result depends on the skin type (oily skin absorbs colour faster, metabolism and lifestyle are also crucial).

The pain threshold is individual for each person. The procedure itself may be slightly painful or uncomfortable in the first few minutes. For customers with a lower pain threshold, a nanosized anesthetic cream may be considered prior to the procedure. The procedure then becomes almost painless.

Eybrow Microblading 270 €
Microblading + Shading 270 €
Powder eyebrow 270 €
Full color lips 240 €
Shaded lip contour 240 €
Correction within 3 months 50 €
Correction within 6 months 100 €
Cream after PM 7 €
Mini vaseline after PM 3 €
V I P booking 450 €

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