infusion therapy with vitamin C - strengthening of immunity

Infusion therapy with vitamin C will charge you with new energy and vitality. We offer highly concentrated intravenous vitamin C as a therapy that benefits the body in several areas. A cocktail of health and youth will fill your body with energy, support immunity, help with mental and physical stress, and also help prevent chronic diseases. Infusion therapy with vitamin C is highly effective against cancer.

In the unique clinique – beauty & academy, the procedure is carried out:

  • aging – as a supportive part of the treatment in combination with recommended interventions for the treatment of wrinkles on the face, neck or cleavage. Vitamin C as part of the treatment supports and enhances the effect of pulsed light, laser or anti-wrinkle fillers. Infusion therapy will literally start and significantly improve the condition of the skin.
  • pigmentation – since vitamin C has a beneficial effect on skin metabolism, improves collagen production and regulates skin pigment production – it can significantly improve the condition of skin pigmentation in the course of treatment with chemical peelings, pulsed light or laser. The skin becomes firmer, brighter, with an even tone and significantly reduced age spots.
  • formation of collagen – collagen gives the skin elasticity and stability, and its volume decreases not only with age, but also with a lack of vitamin C. Vitamin C can start the production of its own collagen from the inside.
  • a state of oxidative stress – for those who are overworked, malnourished, tired, overcome the acute phase of an inflammatory disease (with the possibility of transition into a chronic form)
  • exhaustion of the body
  • stress, fatigue, mental and physical strain
  • problems with concentration

In nature, animals can create vitamin C. Person has lost this ability. For this reason, it is necessary to supply vitamin C with food. The absorption of vitamin C lowers with age, so it must be supplied from outside.

Vitamin C is a safe substance for the body. It can‘t be overdosed. The body absorbs as much as it needs according to its current needs and excretes the rest. Vitamin C is one of the powerful antioxidants, it is a blocker of free radicals in the body in the liver, which contribute to the development of atherosclerosis, diabetes, rheumatism, cancer, depression, chronic fatigue, etc.

Vitamin C is a physiological antioxidant, it is generates other antioxidants in the body – lipophilic vitamin E. It protects skin from oxidative damage, and also supports the immune and cardiovascular systems.

After taking 200 mg of vitamin C in tablet form, the body will absorb 100% of the incoming vitamin C. However, with an increase in the dose of vitamin C tablets, the amount of absorbed vitamin decreases.

  • at a dose of 1g – only 50% (the body has a limited number of vitamin C transporters in the intestines)
  • level of 1.5 mg/dl can be achieved when taking vitamin C with food or tablets, and in comparison more than 40 mg/dl by infusion.
Infusion therapy with vitamin C – immunity strengthening 1 application 7,5 g 45 €
Discounted 3 application package 120 €
Discounted 5 application package 190 €
Discounted 10 application package 350 €

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