lymphatic drainage

  • effective prevention of cellulite
  • natural elimination of toxins without drugs
  • proven method of treatment
  • relaxation treatment
  • immediate results

At unique clinique – beauty & academy they perform body shaping services:

The lymphatic system does not have its own pump. If its function is impaired, the metabolism slows down. Fat cells remain frozen, increase in volume, and the skin takes on a “orange” appearance. Massage pressure of lymphatic drainage will support blood circulation, improve metabolism and flush out harmful substances, which will lead to the “removal” of cellulite (or to a significant reduction of it‘s apperance in the affected area).

  • for everyone who dreams of a smooth body without cellulite
  • for those who suffer from “heavy legs” syndrome
  • for clients who value lymphatic drainage as a relaxing wellness treatment

Lymphatic drainage is a special type of massage, the task of which is to restore and improve lymph circulation. The function of the lymphatic system is to absorb fluid and flush out metabolic products in the skin layers. Our clinic does not use manual lymphatic drainage, we work only with hardware lymphatic drainage, which is based on intermittent compression /pressure/ of the lower limbs with the creation of a pressure wave. This way, the lymphatic and venous system will be supported. The result is filtration and detoxification of the affected/treated area. Lymphatic drainage is recommended 2 times a week, optimally 10 procedures. Supportive treatments are preferred.

  • after overcoming thrombophlebitis
  • for problems with varicose veins and flagellar veins on the legs
  • in case of blood clotting disorders
  • with a history of cancer
  • for pregnant and lactating women

Lymphatic drainage is carried out as a separate type, but more often in combination with other types of procedures (Endermology / LPG, X-Wave shock wave). The synergistic effect of several types of treatment improves and increases the results.

Instrumental lymphatic massage provides stimulation of the lymphatic, venous and immune systems, reduces signs of cellulite, improves fat breakdown, skin elasticity, body shaping, helps with diseases associated with impaired drainage of the lymphatic system (edema, heavy legs syndrome …), has a beneficial effect on nervous system and, last but not least, detoxifies and regenerates the body.

1 treatment 45 min 20 €
10 treatments discounted package 180 €
1 treatment 60 min 25 €
10 treatments discounted package 225 €
For lymphatic drainage, you need to bring leggings and socks with you or buy disposable lymphatic drainage pants directly from us.

preparation for the procedure

0 min

duration of treatment

45-60 min


after 3 treatments

repeating procedure

6-13 x


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