injection lipolysis

Injection lipolysis is the most modern non-invasive method for removing excess fat from problem areas.

  • • removes even the smallest fat areas
  • • tightens the skin and restores collagen production
  • • suitable for parts that cannot be corrected with exercise and diet
  • • soft skin layers tightening

This method is suitable for all clients who have trouble with their chin and are unable to remove it through exercise or dietary changes. The most suitable patients are middle-aged people. It is important that the skin is still able to contract and renew collagen. This is the only way to achieve the best effect.

• people with diabetes

• pregnant and lactating women

• people allergic to soy and other ingredients of Dermaheal LL

• in case of blood clotting disorders

• people with liver diseases

Before the procedure, the skin must be clean from makeup. During treatment, a solution of active substances is injected into the treated area by injection. A very thin needle is used, so the injection is almost not felt. There are no scars left after the treatment. Injectable lipolysis takes up to 20-40 minutes. After treatment, you can immediately go home, hospitalization is not required. It is very important to observe the drinking regime in order to cleanse the body and start the metabolic process. It is recommended to add minerals in the form of nutritional supplements. Follow the cleansing regimen for at least one week. The treated area is usually swollen and slightly reddened, sometimes there are small bruises. Can be gently cooled through a cloth.

Improves skin elasticity, revitalizes it, tightens pores and moisturizes. Thanks to biomimetic peptides, the contractions of the muscle fibers associated with the skin are also weakened, which causes the so-called “Botox effect”. The face looks rested and radiant.
Due to its composition and processing method, the solution is gradually absorbed within 14 days. We recommend reapplying as needed, 4 to 6 treatments with 2 weeks apart period.

  • • burning feeling in the treated area
  • • swelling
  • • redness of the skin at the site of application
  • • bruises
  • • itching
  • • touch sensitivity

All these side effects should disappear within 5 days after application. If not, please contact us.

Chin – under-eye cams – Sledge 160 €
Inner thighs 300 €
Outer thighs 300 €
Lower abdomen 300 €
Upper and lower abdomen 500 €

preparation for the procedure

30 min

duration of treatment

15 min


within 2 weeks

repeating procedure

about 9 months


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