red and near infrared light therapy

Since the year 2000, there has been increasing evidence that different wavelengths of light can affect our body’s biochemistry and therefore its health-related functions. The most effective are red light (RED) and near infrared light (NIR). The red spectrum is visible to the human eye and is mainly absorbed by the skin. We cannot see near infrared light with the normal eye, it penetrates deeper into our body (unlike other wavelengths that end on the skin), it has a positive effect on our mitochondria, cells, organs and endocrine glands.

The unique clinique – beauty & academy offers red light therapy for:

preparation for the procedure

0 min

duration of treatment

30 min


after 1 treatment

repeating procedure

6-10 x

  • hormonal optimization
  • very positive effect on the thyroid gland
  • men have higher testosterone production and spermatogenesis
  • health of hair, skin and nails
  • healing of wounds and scars
  • increase of collagen formation
  • beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system – prevention and regeneration of joints, tendons, ligaments and even bones
  • reduction of inflammation
  • used before training to enhance athletic performance or after strenuous exercise
  • acceleration of regeneration, increase in strength and amount of muscle mass
  • positive effect on the psyche and cognitive functions
  • effective for depressive episodes and seasonal depression
  • positive effect on sleep and circadian rhythm
  • better quality of sleep, as well as an increased amount of melatonin
  • eye health
  • treatment of inflammation, helps to reduce inflammation wherever it occurs with sufficient intensity and for a sufficiently long time

The whole method is based on the emission of two types of electromagnetic waves and takes several minutes:

  • Red light in the wavelength range 630-660 nm. Thanks to this light, the panel glows red.
  • Near infrared radiation in the wavelength range 800-950 nm. The human eye cannot see this type of radiation, but its advantage is that it penetrates deeper under the skin.

The main mechanism of the panels is that they emit exactly the light spectrum that is absorbed by the chromophores in the mitochondria (primarily cytochrome oxidase), and due to which the mitochondria are active and full of energy. The body responds to light absorption by increasing ATP energy production and by enhancing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory processes. In practice, this means that the human body after the procedure is efficient and full of energy.

Red and near-infrared light therapy 1 min 1 €
Permanent card silver 100 min 80 €
Permanent card diamond 200 min 140 €

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