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At unique clinique – beauty & academy, we have created a concept that changes the way beauty is thought and perceived. We have thought of every step of your journey to create a truly upscale experience. Medical experience, professional approach and deeply personal experience of the patient are the heart of the clinic. From the moment you walk in, the space itself evokes a feeling of luxury and peace.

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unique clinique – beauty & academy has carefully selected an experienced team of doctors and specialists. With their years of knowledge and experience, they will develop an individual treatment and service plan for you.

Cosmetologist treats client's skin. Woman with cosmetologist. Lady in a beauty studio.


All of our procedures carry minimal risk and mostly require minimal post-procedure recovery time. The most important thing is that we achieve beautiful and desired results.

Scientific background with closeup on light microscope and laboratory out of focus. This image is toned. Shallow DOF, focus on the slide glass.


Before, during and after your procedure, our professional team and doctors will provide you with all the information and care you need to face the world with confidence.

Čo je to PRP terapia?

PRP terapia autotransfúzna nízkoinvazívna regeneračná metóda liečby. PRP je Plazma bohatá na trombocyty, ktorá obsahuje 1 až 1,5 milióna trombocytov na 1 ml plazmy, čo


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