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Welcome to the pages of unique clinique – beauty & academy. We are a European international clinic offering comprehensive services in the field of aesthetic medicine, dermatology, laser medicine, plastic surgery, as well as regenerative and supporting cosmetology programs. Our medical specialists and a professional team of experts who are constantly learning, luxurious environment with elegant interiors and personalized approach create a harmony that leaves our clients with a wonderful experience.

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At unique сlinique – beauty & academy, we believe that our mission is to support your beauty and self-confidence. We understand that it takes courage to make a change. We are looking forward to help you find the right path by providing the best professional experience in a beautiful environment. Your beauty is in the hands of professionals.

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  • a full range of preventive and aesthetic medicine, dermatology and plastic surgery procedures
  • supporting beauty programs
  • high professionalism with a guarantee of the professional level of the services provided
  • advanced technology and fully equipped facilities
  • discreet individual approach, high quality
    care and a comprehensive solution with an emphasis
    on safety and respect for the client
  • quiet and comfortable rooms with the opportunity to relax and exceptional service
  • combination of services of non invasive medicine, dermatology and plastic surgery
    dermatology and plastic surgery
  • certified quality implants and materials
  • personal consultation
  • professional approach
  • safety
  • we use safe, gentle
    and caring procedures

the beginning of the path


The procedures are carried out by a team of foreign and domestic doctors, professional specialists – dermatocosmetologists and other specialists. We have several problem-specific specialists that you can choose according to your personal preference or our recommendation. We use the most modern technologies and many years of knowledge. Our team will advise and provide you with high-quality care and a beautiful result. Then you will see yourself happy and brilliant.


Aesthetics under the doctor’s guidance. We have carefully selected an experienced team of doctors and specialists in facial aesthetics, dermatology and laser medicine, united by passion to their work, knowledge and experience.

Our doctors have expanded the possibilities of plastic and reconstructive surgery beyond possible limits. They combine the latest and greatest achievements in science with advanced surgical techniques.

At unique clinique – beauty & academy our team strives from the beginning to ensure that each patient receives a personalized treatment plan to help achieve their desired results.

Cosmetologist treats client's skin. Woman with cosmetologist. Lady in a beauty studio.

relaxation & comfort

From the moment you enter the unique clinique – beauty & academy, we strive to make your experience unique and personal. There’s no formal waiting area, you’ll begin your journey of self-discovery from the comfort of plush couches…

Scientific background with closeup on light microscope and laboratory out of focus. This image is toned. Shallow DOF, focus on the slide glass.

science & research

At unique clinique – beauty & academy we rely on many years of professional knowledge and experience of our doctors and team. After professional consultation and knowledge gained about you, we can make the best decisions to achieve your dreams.

A scene of medical cosmetology treatments botox injection. High quality photo

beauty & academy

Beauty Academy is a place where clients learn to develop their potential through courses from the best professionals in their field. Thanks to the Academy of Beauty, you can ensure a regular flow of new information from the world of beauty, health and personal development.

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